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I pray that your visit of our website was informational and informative.  I invite you to share our website, our services, and our ministry with others. I want to encourage you regardless of your situation or circumstance, God will break through every barrier you encounter.

Pastor Craig S. Pickett, Sr.

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Out Of It
Overcoming Guilt, Shame, & Rejection

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Lady Patricia A. Pickett, Author

Patricia Bullock Pickett is an author, speaker, teacher, intercessor, pastor's wife and entrepreneur.  She knows first hand the heart ache of disappointing those she love and the pain it brings.  She encourages persons everywhere to watch the words they speak over anyone especially when upset because words can hurt, haunt and kill.  If you are the person receiving the harsh words- don't believe the enemy's report concerning you or your future but SNAP OUT OF IT.  You are better than what is being said about you. Your mistakes don't define you and God yet has a plan for your life! She wrote a book entitled "Snap Out Of It- Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Rejection" to share her story in hopes of encouraging others. 

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